Can you tell us about your background and how you first got started in music? How did you first become interested in electronic music and what drew you to it as a medium for self-expression?

Who are some of your biggest musical influences, both within electronic music and outside of it? How have these influences shaped your sound and approach to creating music?

Can you walk us through your creative process for writing and recording a new song? How do you typically begin a new track, and what are some of the key elements or techniques you focus on as you develop it

I always start with the beat. I usually try to get something with a nice groove and when the beat is good, I import a lot of samples into Ableton and test them individually until I find one that fits. If I don’t find samples, I try to find chords with a Rhodes emulation but most of the time I find a sample. I think a good beat and a good sample make the job for a good track, then I build everything around.

Your latest project is really gaining traction, can you tell us about it? How did this project come about and what inspired you to create it? What was your approach to making it and what do you think sets it apart from your previous work?

I don’t produce music with a project in mind, at least until now. I make tracks as I feel and usually similar tracks can be grouped as a whole. I did not produce this EP in a specific time, it was done in a couple months. I had this creative vibe about slowing down my tracks and focus on getting an organic feeling for my drums. I think this EP stands out from my other work as the production quality is better and the tracks are less danceable and more chilled out.

What has been the highlight of your career so far? Can you talk about a specific moment or accomplishment that stands out as particularly meaningful to you?

Well, it’s hard to choose between gigs and releases. As a shy guy, I’d say I prefer releases. Every release I had was a highlight of my career. The first vinyl release on Vielspass was really meaningful, the first whole EP on Dance Around 88 was amazing, the GASP and Shall Not Fade and now Pont Neuf Records, it’s really incredible for me. If I had to choose one, I’d say my tape “Surprise Release” on House Plants Records would be my favorite. It was the first physical release I had so it stands out, the artwork was made by my best friend, and the B-side was a one-time hardware live recorded with my best friend. So I’d choose this one.

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or collaborations you have in the works? Are there any new directions or sounds you’re exploring in your music right now?

Unfortunately, I am really slow at producing music as my job is taking all my time and energy. I have to wait for holidays to be able to produce. I don’t have any upcoming projects in the works, only contact with a few people who would like to work with me. One thing I try to develop is my vinyl collection and mixing technique. I run a Twitch show twice a week to train and make people discover new music (like a radio show). I try to invite a few guests (Tour Maubourg, Ringard, Yann Polewka) to come and join me in my living room to mix and love the talks with the community. Production-wise, I don’t know if it will happen, but I would like to invest in modular synth and produce more ambient stuff. That’s a whole genre I absolutely love and I would like to produce more.

DJ Psychiatre
Title: Enter The Chill Zone EP
Label: Pont Neuf Records
Cat: PN021
Release: March 31rd, 2023
Format: Vinyl, Digital, Streaming
Genre: House / Electronica / Downtempo
Release Date:
February 17th – Single 1 Release: ‚Rhythm Is Key‘
March 10th – Single 2 Release ‚Don’t F* With My Groove‘
March 31st – Full EP Release

Pont Neuf will welcome a new artist to the fold this March. Hailing from Rennes in France, DJ Psychiatre’s back-catalogue of releases speaks for itself, with recent appearances on Shall Not Fade which confirmed his status as an artist to watch in the new French house scene. Now he makes his debut on Pont Neuf with a new EP Enter The Chill Zone, serving up five-tracks of downtempo, trip-hop infused house that embody a fresh sound for the thriving French producer.* „I’m an avid vinyl collector, with a particular fondness for house and deep house from the early 2000s. I like the organic, warm groove and the little imperfections that make each track sound so unique. I try to replicate these elements when I produce and it seems the older, I get, the more I tend to slow down my tracks, which is what has occurred here. The BPM is considerably lower than what I’ve previously released as I was trying to find syncopated and warm breaks, to create a collection of 34w564 melancholic and contemplative tracks.“ – DJ Psychiatre. Psychiatrist by day, DJ by night: DJ Psychiatre is another gem of France’s thriving electronic music scene. His musical output speaks for itself, with a string of successful releases on labels as esteemed as Shall Not Fade and House Plant Records to name just a few. His debut on Pont Neuf marks a new beginning for both artist and label alike, ringing in 2023 with gusto and showcasing an original style for the well-loved French talent.