Label Name: – Tessellate

Release Date: – Friday, June 9 2023

Track Listing:

1 The Trip – A Bit Spooky
2 The Trip – For The Record
3 The Trip – Fantazia
4 The Trip – Boom Operator

Record Sounds Like: 90s House and UK Prog

The Trip’s „Perfect Moderation“ EP on Tessellate is a release that blends elements of 90s house, UK prog, and to great effect. The Trip’s unique sound and style will appeal to the dancefloor heads. Perfect Modulation features four tracks that showcase their lush warm production.

„A Bit Spooky,“ sets the tone with its 909 groove and cut vocal work. „For The Record“ follows with its driving beat and classic melodic lines, while „Fantazia“ channels a slightly dreamy vibe that pulls you into a different headpsace. Closing the EP „Boom Operator,“ a track with industrial grade dancability.

The Trip’s „Perfect Moderation“ EP has already caught the attention of Paramida, who has played two of the tracks on Radio 1. This is a testament to the EP’s fresh sound and approach to music. Releasing this June 9th.