DJ and producer EG, based between Paris and Brussels, has already been making waves for almost 2 years. At just 25, she’s already carved out a place for herself in some of Europe’s leading clubs, including Rex, Fabric, Audio and Fuse. Today, she marks a new turning point in her young career, unveiling her very first EP on Pont Neuf. In it, she expresses the joys and difficulties of her career change from architect to DJ, against a backdrop of 90s-inspired house tinged with hip-hop influences.

„In this EP, I talk about my discoveries, choices, encounters, as well as my difficulties and doubts. Juggling two professions at the beginning of my career (architect and DJ) took a toll on me and caused anxiety troubles which I’m gradually overcoming. These challenges I face today make me approach my role as a DJ and producer with a heightened awareness. I now pay closer attention to my emotions and place a greater emphasis on my creativity. I believe that these difficulties have also fuelled my desire to give meaning and value to this significant decision. Telling this unexpected journey through music helps me gradually realize and embrace it. Each track in the EP represents a specific period and a pivotal turning point“ explains EG.

The first track on the EP, ‚Right From Wrong‘, blends influences from her childhood with hip-hop elements and a touch of old-school deep house, paying tribute to artists such as Larry Heard, Ron Trent, Jovonn and Blaze. ‚U Know What I Want‘ mixes balearic and dream-house currents, with a touch of soulful house. ‚Interlude‘ serves as a link between the two sides of the record, symbolising the difficulties she has faced in reconciling her former job as an architect and her role as a DJ, all underpinned by the words of Lil Louis: „I feel lonely in different places“. ‚Then It Goes‘ appears to be a darker, more club-like affair, inspired by the progressive house of the 90s. This first EP closes with ‚So Special‘, featuring producer and DJ Mangabey. It’s a truly club-calibre track, reminiscent of Afrika Bambaataa, blended with the house and progressive worlds of the two artists.