Boutique imprint Ritual Release announce their upcoming release „Making It Right“, a collaborative effort between indie dance artist Woolfy and the producer Love Athletics. Scheduled for release on May 28, 2024, this record is an ambitious synthesis of classic new wave/goth anthems, channelling the spirits of New Order, Depeche Mode, and The Killers with modern sonics and Disco savant twist.

The original „Making It Right“ sets the theme with dark, chuggy Disco vibes, Woolfy’s vocals echo the haunting tones of Peter Murphy and Ian Curtis with lyrics that hold the complexities of love and romanticism, drawing parallels between its cyclical nature and the constant rotation of the world. Resilience and determination shine through as the song explores the journey of overcoming obstacles to find love’s ultimate fulfilment. With driving rhythms and ethereal melodies this record captures the essence of both classic New Wave and modern electronic music.

Well loved artists Prins Thomas, Ilya Santana are joined by the emerging Boys‘ Shorts with an impressive line-up of remixes. As expected each brings a unique flavour, with Prins Thomas offering a spirited main remix and a more stripped-back dub version, transforming the original’s measured synth-work into a complex and layered soundscape in the Nordic style with his uplifting arrangement flair. Ilya Santana steps up to the plate and takes things back a few years with his Italo sleaze inspired ’84 mix. True to its name this rework brings the sequenced energy straight down the middle. Closing the record Boys‘ Shorts inject a more beat focussed sound, tighter and more dancefloor oriented whilst keeping the nostalgic essence of the original in their mix and dub.

This record highlights Woolfy’s lyrical depth and Love Athletics’ driving production whilst exemplifying Ritual Release’s commitment to delivering music that pushes the genre onwards, a timeless piece that resonates with fans of classic and modern sounds alike.