Cheshire Cat Club (CLOSED)

Adress: Joachimsthaler Str. 25 – 26, 10719 Berlin

Many Berlin club-goers in the western part of the city must have been pleased when the First Club reopened its doors in September 2015. Otherwise there are not many places to dance. And all of them are not Berlin-style clubs. The new club is called Cheshire Cat. Located near the Ku‘ damm on Joachimsthaler Street, the Cheshire Cat Club opened in 2015, attracting a wider audience that likes something more elegant and likes to spend a little more money to celebrate. During the week, the Cheshire Cat can be rented for your own events. At the weekend it is a bar and lounge with a club, where national and international DJs play and create a good atmosphere on the dance floor. The music styles range from Nu-Disco to House and Electro. The Cheshire Cat offers a comfortable size to celebrate relaxed or enjoy a few drinks in an upscale atmosphere in the evening. After the entrance area with wardrobe, you are directly in the main room with a cocktail bar, which offers not only classics and in-house creations but also a selection of champagne and fine spirits. Next to the bar there is also a small stage, which can be used for private events. A VIP area has also been set up directly adjacent to the dance floor. The special atmosphere is also created by the light installation on the walls and ceiling of ROOM DIVISION, in which the light reacts to the music and changes colours. If you prefer something more exclusive and quiet, the champagne room in the basement is the perfect place to enjoy a few drinks in a smaller circle. As an after hour location, the Cheshire Cat is ideal for enjoying a few hours of relaxation in a more elegant atmosphere. If you want to dance through the night afterwards, you will get your money’s worth.