Brunnen70 (closed)

Adress: Brunnenstraße 70, 13355 Berlin

What makes Brunnen70, which was opened in 2010, is clearly the location. The Club is just 500 meters away from the place where the Wall once separated West Berlin and East Berlin from each other. The club celebrates the union and puts great emphasis on this as it is still remembered today. The parties in Brunnen70 are held in an ancient underground parking basement. The ambiance is amazing and throughout the whole evening you will discover something new.

If you decide to visit Brunnen70 you should not expect a standard appearance in any way. After entering, you have to use the elevator and travel one floor below, where the actual club is. Many neon colours and very unusual decorations, such as an old leather sofa, which are reminiscent of grandma’s day, make this club something really special. The premises are fully redecorated depending on the event and it is never boring. The rooms are very winding, so there is always something new to be discovered. From the genre wise, it is mainly suitable for lovers of electronic music. House and electro beats from around the world are presented here. On Fridays and Saturdays spectacular and extraordinary parties are held here.