Artconnect Berlin invites you to create a positive local space for creatives to meet, collaborate, and innovate.

Community Clash! is a bimonthly group art exhibition featuring a selection of Berlin-based artists and a live musical performance within the Artconnect Berlin network. Together with a variety of creative spaces, Artconnect Berlin is looking forward to feature the best artists from our community at the Community Clash!

♦ The venue ♦

Prachtwerk – Berlins and Neuköllns newest cultural venue serving the Berlin creative scene from early morning breakfast to late night musical performances, drinks and more in their huge and freshly renovated location.
Donnerstag, 15. Mai um 19:00

Prachtwerk Berlin
Ganghoferstr. 2, 12043 Berlin

♦ The artists ♦

Julia Benz

„A painting starts with painting itself and not the idea.“ says Julia Benz sympathetic and tells of her work just as vigorously as she paints large, colorful and loud it should be, sometimes representational, often abstract. Her characters are neither moral nor practical instances imaging carriers of messages, but fun picture ideas. „Today, when we are traveling, we are all overwhelmed by fake realities. I find the simple moments exciting and deep. I direct the banal big and loud, because it’s wonderful.“ She explains. Julia Benz has studied painting at the university of art in Düsseldorf, currently working and studying in Berlin.

– Die Kunstagentin

Jenny Keuter

Berlin ­based artist Jenny Keuter envisioned a two ­piece artwork. Exploring the spatial proportions of the given room, Jenny precisely arranges thin textile cord between ceiling and floor. The opposed positioning of the lines divides the space into four sections, which are crisscrossed by linear reflections on the walls. An illuminated black and white silk screen print contrasts the multi­dimensional interplay of bright and dark parts by showing a reversed image of the actual setting. Through her work Jenny Keuter defines her interpretation of spatiality. She explores the structures and feel of lines, as well as the effect of perspective, proportion and colour application. Her work mostly focuses on drawings and silk screen prints, and often results in installations, where the drawings can be experienced in physical space.

♦ Performance ♦

– porte renaud –

Living and working hic et nunc, porte renaud is developing a sculptural practice. He uses recycling, accumulation of prints and references to sculptural legacy. His works are inspired by archeology in its use of the trilobite fossil or borrowing of gestures such as excavation. Its unstable plastic compositions interrogate the strength of the body in all its weakness. Often participative and temporary, his sculptural propositions highlight temporal frictions. He promotes a graphic practice related to sculptural practice. He studied in three different art schools in France (Cherbourg, Chalon-sur-Saône, Limoges) and has now moved to Berlin. He dedicates himself to several cultural projects and he’s the head of an exhibition and residence programming (dédale) in relation to social development in Eastern France.

♦ Music ♦

Twin Sons

Twin Sons is the solo recording project of Robin Thomson, a Scottish born musician currently living in Berlin. Having toured extensively throughout Europe and Russia as Chinawoman’s live drummer since 2010 Robin meanwhile worked on a collection of his own lo-fi home recordings under the moniker ‚Twin Sons‘. The Twin Sons EP was released as a free download via the Twin Sons bandcamp page in Feb 2014. You could describe Twin Sons as a wistful blend of dark and seemingly confessional songs, carried by the fragile forms of indie folk-rock and lo-fi melancholia.