One step ahead moving backwards
31/10/2014 – 22/11/2014

participating artists:

Fabio Marco Pirovino
Adriana Ramić
Tiril Hasselknippe
Paolo Thorsen-Nagel
Brian Jungen & Duane Linklater
Luca Pozzi
Mariechen Danz & Genghis Khan Fabrication Co.
Andreas Greiner & Armin Keplinger
Tina Kohlmann
KAYA + Nomad / Kerstin Brätsch & Debo Eilers
João Onofre
Wolfgang Laib

based on a written conversation between
Elisa R. Linn, Lennart Wolff and Hicham Khalidi

curated by
Elisa R. Linn, Lennart Wolff


In collaboration with LEAP – Lab for Emerging Arts and Performance a non-profit interdisciplinary project for emerging, digital media arts and performance.


Opening Friday 31 October 2014 7 pm

Performance Friday 14 November 2014 7 pm
by Paolo Thorsen-Nagel

Closing Saturday 22 November 2014 8 pm
Mariechen Danz sings a song

Leipziger Str 63