Piano * Bass * Drum is a PLATOON NETWOWRK event to promote piano club music. The aim is to explore possible dance music for a new age. We belief in live music and the power of performance.


Torky Tork & Barrio (Paris) – Mummed Records Takeover
Shalom Salon has been diverting its audience with multiple instances and „sub-labels“ over the years. The latest stone throw baby of ours is called Mummed Records and spearheaded by Torky Tork and the Ashrafs, a secret facebook society. Mummed Records is dedicated to undercover downbeats, boom bap and heavily sample based Hip Hop grooves. As a special treat we invited Barrio a like-minded beat-producer from Paris to play with us.

Both beatmakers will be meeting our PBD Allstar Pianist and work out interpretations of their favorite beats. Another experiment in the world of piano bass music.

Torky Tork
Torky Tork has become a not to mis producer name in the German Hip Hop scene. He has also been collaborating in projects with Audio88 & Yassin on their chart breaker, Suff Daddy and at his latest project with rapper Doz (Doz 9).

Barrio is based in Paris and a sidechaining giant. Next to his own imprint Plexus Records, he has been releasing on the new age power house Cosmonostro. He is part of the band MyNina with quirky infinite autotune orgies. A true texturist. We are proud to have him over and headline our night.


9:00 PM – 10:15 PM — Torky Tork
10:15 PM – 11:00 PM — Barrio (Paris)