24/10/15. 23:00

Urban Spree

Portals Editions is proud to present their second showcase, this time featuring guest artist, Damien Dubrovnik (DK), and introducing the next in line for vinyl release on Portals, Noumeno (IT), and our well-established collective member, Ketev (IL).

Damien Dubrovnik, the duo consisting of Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek, part of Copenhagen’s infamous Posh Isolation collective, return after their surprise performance at Berlin Atonal this past August, for a gut wrenching display of power electronics meets musique concrete with bodies pushed to physical extremes, on the back of their recent LP ‘Vegas Fountain’ (Alter / Posh Isolation).

Ketev, Berlin-based Israeli sound artist a.k.a Yair Elazar Glotman, founding member of Portals Editions, with recent releases on Subtext, Where To Now?, and Opal Tapes, will churn out his signature syrupy, ethereal dungeon techno tapeloops.

Noumeno, a posthuman project born from the world of ideas while enacting the decay of the body, will transmogrify analog synthesis with brutal tools and fascinating results. He has a tape on Milan’s Haunter Records leading up to his ‘Exosomatic Artifacts’ 12″ on Portals Editions. This will be his Berlin debut.

Portals’ xorzyzt (Shaddah Tuum, UnReaL) will keep things in full tilt as the DJ for the night.