4. Dezember um 19:00 bis 11. Dezember um 22:00

Wönnichstraße 109, 10317 Berlin


Brian Storm
Sirin Simsek
Wiebke Rauers
Caro Pepe
Lisa Jacob
Age Age

// Illustration // Fine Art // Photography // Mixed Media // Street Art

How do we approach the act of creation? Which are our processes? What do we feel and how do we struggle? In this eclectic exhibition you will see the work of six very different artists, their own private worlds and the particular way they see and feel. Different means – fine art, photography, illustration, graffiti art – to come to the same end: CREATE. Because in the end, we might be different but we are all looking for the same.

Artist will be there and their very well known friend: BEER!
So come and join us for the the Vernissage on the 4th of december in Berlin Lichtenberg, near Nöldnerplatz in the Wönnichstraße 109 and have a good time with us!