Fr, 02.09.2016 // Nordic by Nature
Weserstr. 167, 12045 Berlin

(free entry, no registration needed)
18.00 – 22.00

Off-Kultur Festival starts the 31st of August in Berlin. Nordic by Nature proudly presents the Off-ice Pre Party at the Nordic by Nature Office for this year’s Off-Kultur 2016 in Berlin!

Friday will be the last day of Off-Kultur, so it’s time for a pre party to get you in the right mood for some shows and talks. As it’s getting warmer out there we will have a lot of ice cream for you. That means, Flutschfinger for free! To get you in the right mood for Off-Kultur we also have quite a number of Beers and Longdrinks for you! Check out our incredible discount system:

1 Beer = 1 Euro
1 Longdrink = 2 Euro
1 Vodka Shot = 50 Cents
Spend 10 Euro and get a massive hangover for free!

Music by Nordic by Nature with the best Scandinavian tracks, mixed with Neukölln protest songs.

So it’s time to get drunk, but not that drunk as you should also enjoy these shows at Off-Kultur on the same day:

Off-Kultur: Molly Nilsson DJ @ Das Gift
Off-Kultur: Mansions and Millions Night @ Loophole Berlin
Off-Kultur: Girlie + Ringostarwars
Off-Kultur: Casana at Donau115



Off-Kultur is a DIY Festival happening from Aug 31 – Sept 2 at various venues, including Das Gift, Donau115, FICKEN3000, Finale Sportsbar, Griessmühle, IPA Bar Berlin, Loophole Berlin, Nordic By Nature, Sameheads Berlin, Tennis Café/Bar, Twinpigs, Zauberinsel and more around Berlin Neukölln.

O-K is a decentralized, community run festival. That means that each O-K affiliated event is being run independently, and that no festival wide ticket will be available. Events will range in price from free to cheap – pretty O-K, right?