Thursday 13.02.2020 ://AboutBlank

Eclectique x Art Bei Ton from 23:00 ://About Blank

MDF: Eclectique
Electric Indigo [LIVE](female:pressure | imbalance computer music)
Liza Aikin (Mord Records | Emetic | Decoy Records | Ohm Resistance)
Lucindo (3TH Records)
ANKUBU [LIVE] (Ghost City Collective | HIDE)
Eric Oder [LIVE] (Eclectique | dBs)
Lukr Range (Eclectique |dBs)
Special opening VIBKO [LIVE] (dBs Music Berlin/ Secret Groove)

Vjing: Spherical aberration

—-> one night in streaming on: Etikett Radio
—-> special cross: ‘transforming images into sound“ (Lorenzo Bove)

Zent: Art Bei Ton
Andrea Cossu (Semantica Records / The Gods Planet)
Kontinum (Nebula Kollektiv / Circular Limited / Lowless)
Justine Perry (Art Bei Ton / Underrated)
nara is neus (A/V live) (Art Bei Ton)
Samo Rane (Art Bei Ton / MercyTechno)

VJing performance: Aconite
Video exhibitions:
Lucy Williams
Raechel Ann

EMS – Electronic Music School Berlin Workshop on Music Production
Special Opening dBs Music Berlin student

Eclectique is a bimonthly Event and from 2020 will take a place in ://about blank.

Eclectique x Art Bei Ton is happening every 4 months on a Thursday night. This union of the two crews, is gathering from 20 to 30 artists, featuring a diverse and gender-balanced line up of international and local artists. During ours one night, we offer an immersive experience to our guests by mixing different forms of arts, presenting Experimental, Broken Beat, Techno and Ambient A/V lives, modular lives and DJ sets, as well as VJing, art exhibitions, interactive visual installations, and dance performances. We are proud to announce our coming in ://about blank, not just a club but mostly a cultural center, like us, not just a party, but also art, music, and experience.
Booth in perfect sync to combining art, music, and culture. The keywords of this one night are a combination of knowledge, music performance, visual arts, sciences, and experimentations.