Advanced ecology for a conscious clubbing. (EN- DE)

Its a SolarSoundSystem: The Swiss-French N.G.O for innovation and ecology is launching a renewable energy solution for open air and festival this April 29th in Yaam and April 30th in Urban Spree. Connecting biking and solar energy together, their mobile sound system is empowered by human and solar energy only. The perfect party kit! Founded in 1999 by Cedric Carles the designer and developper of the Paleo Energetic a collaborative research enquiring about the forgotten innovation of the energy history, the SolarSoundSystem is raising funds via a crowdfundung campaign to extend their production with the support of Native Instruments, Cadenza Records, Lemonaid, Schneider Electronic Fondation.

Operating as an open source, the collective expends all over the globe with their hubs. Already implanted in London, Switzerland and in major music festival in France (Weather, Nuits Sonores), the SolarSoundSystem was already adopted by musicians such as Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), Civil Civic, Matt Black (Coldcut/Ninja Tune), DJ Yellow or Boris (Ostgut).

Support sustainability and clean energy while sharing the crowdfunding link and join the Berlin launch next April 29th in Yaam (from 12-20) and 30th in Urban Spree (from 12-22) with a full on line up broadcast live on the solar web radio 3S. Bring your sneekers and be ready to pedal if the sun plays hide and seek as human power remains the most sustainable energy of all!