30. Dezember 2017 um 23:55 bis 2. Januar 2018 um 0:00

Wiesenweg 1, 10365 Berlin

The Kosmonaut as we all know and love it will close it’s doors when we enter 2018. It’s a fact. It’s time to get together in last huge celebration of the beautiful place it it’s been, and what it will become in the first months of 2018! In January we will be closed to perform the massive recostruction inside, but before that happens…

We are going on the last mission.
3 nights, 2 days non stop.
From 30.12 to 02.01.2018.
3 floors
10 crews

that were the part of that place, and made it to it is, will shake the walls of Kosmonaut one last time. We will announce all the lineup step by step, one by one… Stay tuned on facebook.

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