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How do you handle music requests?

If we have the track we could potentially play it. It will also depend on what direction our set is going. If the request will suit the kood we could consider it.

What do you do when equipment goes on strike?

This has only happened a couple of times.Previously we have just started clapping and tried to get the crowd to start clapping along too.

What are your musical influences from childhood?

We both listened to a lot of Hip Hop and UK garage when we were growing up

Which track would run when you moved into your boxing match?

Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones

What was the worst job you ever had?

Stuffing envelopes for 8 hours a day. That was painful mentally and also physically with the amount of paper cuts I recieved.

Describes your sound to someone who has never heard it before.

Sonically energetic exciting and makes you want to move

Do you have any good tour stories from clubs or festivals?

We onced played at Watergate in Berlin. It was the closing set and we were supposed to finish at 7am but the promoter kept asking us to continue to play which we were happy to we ended up playing 5 hours and the only reason we stopped was because we had to catch a plane

What would you do if you weren’t a musician?

A film director or an A&R

What is the most important musical equipment invention of all time – and why?

I think Sequencers like Logic and Ableton are very important as they let you record and programme all different types of music and the technology is so incredible now you can do it all from your laptop

What would you advise to become a professional?

Hard work is key. You have to dedicate a lot of time and energy into the music. There are certainly no shortcuts. You Also should be patient and being polite and having manners goes a long way too.