Artist: DuBeats
Title: Wonk Into The Night EP
Label: Oh So Coy Recordings
Cat #: OSC151
Format: Digital
Genre: Deep House
Release Date: 6/26/2020
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Wonk Into The Night is the debut collaboration track between Dan Williams (DuBeats) & Dan Rourke (Sex On Decks) While both on a relatively similar wave length when it comes to production, the clashing of the two sounds is evident and makes for a mesmerising, and unique arrangement. The song highlights a live saxophone recording from the extremely talented Rick Rourke, who holds a diverse and impressive career of studio work spanning over 4 decades. This classic sound seamlessly meshes into the track, laying out a deep and ‘wonky’ story for your sonic-pleasure.

Buckets is next with echoing Rhodes chords, crisp percussion and delayed vocal throws making for a classic deep vibe. We head over to London for the remix where Tony S gives us a proper dub rinse providing a darker groove with bubbling drums and shuffling bass.