For it’s inaugural release, label boss Sepehr provides the first electrified soundtrack for Shaytoon records with “Crown Jewel”. Listeners should expect visions of monoliths, obsidian mountains underneath blood-red soaked skies and freaky soundwaves while listening. “Crown Jewel” EP should be listened to while hitchhiking across the country with only a bottle of wine in a knapsack, dreaming of dancing to the drum. Do not go gently.

Sepehr’s new label Shaytoon (Farsi for Little Devil) is his love letter to Iranian-American identity. A country and culture that is far from the devil the Western media portrays it to be. A country that, had it not fallen prey to global political strategic oppression, would surely surpass most other countries in its creation and innovation of art in our world today. The proof of this is what leaks through the cracks today from Iran and what is produced by a new generation of Iranian and Middle Eastern artists all over the world.

The music that Shaytoon represents is the physical and psychedelic side of the Iranian underground and beyond. Potent music that takes all forms of electronica whether it be heady technoid hybrids, house music for dilated pupils, melted film scores, lush ambiance from the Garden of Eden or Iranian electro-punk. The label’s music aims to shed light on the underrepresented sect of electronic music devouts from Iranian heritage, with an extended family of other middle eastern producers, artists, DJs and freaks. An ode to the fun and hallucinatory side of dance music from days gone by. Dynamic and beautiful music from artists whose double identities define who they are.