Next up on Ouïe Circle is Chambord – the talented DJ / producer team from Paris, France.

Ouïe Circle is home to the wider circle of friends and family around Acid Pauli and Nico Stojan’s Ouïe label, and is the perfect home for Chambord’s enchanting, hypnotic sounds.

Orvil is a delight – over seven minutes of shuffling groove, deep flourishes and a stunning, transportative female vocal with hints of north African / middle Eastern melodies.

Extend The Night could be seen as the after dark flip of Orvil – things get a little more intense, driving and locked in. The groove is tighter and yet there’s an open, expressive feel to the track with an audacious section where the track almost disappears into the ether, before coming back to earth with a bump.

Also included here is the vocal mix of Extend The Night which adds a tripped out vocal to proceedings, pushing the vibe deeper into the late night zone.