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How do you handle music requests?

I almost always say yes, but only if I like the proposals or they intrigue me.

What do you do when equipment goes on strike?

When the equipment goes on strike then it is fun. I once happened upon a piano that did not have a middle C. I really enjoyed playing all the other notes.

What are your musical influences from childhood?

My dad got me crazy with jazz music but I’ve always preferred punk. But of course one cannot but love classical music. I have been playing the piano since I was 6 and have never stopped.

Is it even possible to argue about musical tastes?

I don’t like to classify between genres. I like pop, rock, punk and experimentation. However, my favorite author has always been Eric Satie.

Which track would run when you moved into your boxing match?

Slaps also have a nice sound.

What was the worst job you ever had?

Teach the piano. I have never done it as well as I would have liked. Teaching is a great gift that I don’t have.

Describes your sound to someone who has never heard it before.

Imagine a painting with all shades of blue. Imagine a little bird with colorful feathers playing and twirling.

Do you have any good tour stories from clubs or festivals?

Best of One Thousand and One Nights my dear. My last tour was on the riverside with my mini piano and I played for the blades of grass.

What would you do if you weren’t a musician?

I’d like to be a plumber. I am happy when I manage to unclog a sink.

Which style of music should have the most followers? And why?

Any music that arises spontaneously but also any music that requires commitment and study. The important thing is that it is authentic and not dictated by the logic of consumption. Because I would like the truth to be told at least through music.

What is the most important musical equipment invention of all time – and why?

The bulletproof vest since there is a habit of shooting at pianists.

What would you advise to become a professional?

I would recommend making a commitment to have a solid preparation, but then throwing all the rules in the air and following your instincts. I would recommend being very serious, but also having a lot of fun.