Future East Festival is a platform to present radical and explorative music & A/V performances. The project showcases innovative ideas, merging contemporary music, performing (sound)art and visual expression in both the physical environments and virtual worlds.

With its previous edition, Future East combined nature and architecture, bringing together the construction and representation of creation with nature and the immateriality of imagination. This year, we once again play with this dualism, where the structure of digital tools contrast the abstract creative process of the performance. Future East focuses on primarily working together with non-western Artists and their collaborations.

Live Performance Artists: (A-Z)
Istanbul Ghetto club (Live)
Jessika Khazrik جيسًًِّكا خزريك (live)
Jiriki Tariki 自力 他力 Trio (Live),
LABOUR Feat Hani Mojtahedy present Presents: nine-sum sorcery(A/VLive)
Lindred (live)
Muqata’a مُقاطَعة (Live)
New Media & Visual Art:
Arash Akbari
Tim Novikov AKA \// \\

Dj Sets:

Cecilia Tosh(Dj set)
Sam Eyvaz (Hybrid Dj set)

Will be announce soon…

Ticket Price:
1-Day Ticket 10 €
2-Days Ticket 15 €
Theme 2021: „INTEGRATION“