Mirsini Artakianou
Ranti Bam
Mariona Berenguer
Hannah Bohnen
Isabel Fredeus
Alizée Gazeau
Eva Gentner
Miriam Rose Gronwald
Laura Sebastianes
Marina Stanimirovic

November 26th to December 19th, 2021
Opening Friday November 26th – 6pm to 10pm

Group exhibition curated by Alizée Gazeau

The immeasurable scale of the space-time in which we evolve requires us to permanently adjust the distances to what surrounds us – in order to measure the scope of our impacts, the potential for actions, their possible failure and the extent of the dynamics that shape the „habitable“[1].
Water as a major component of our terrestrial system, from its oceanic surfaces to the fauna and flora, structures our relations to the environment.

Off Water implies changes of state according to metabolic processes. These metamorphoses allow for hybridization and initiate upheaval. The artists of the exhibition deploy spaces that host the meeting of forms and affects. To leave the water implies a movement. Metaphorically, „to be out of the water“ invites us to take a time out. The exhibition is composed as a territory through which the works draw the cartography of another possible space-time – hinting at what is bigger than us, while allowing proximities and a reversal of scale. (…)