The tenth edition of Lighthouse Festival in Croatia will take place from May 25-29, 2023 usually around 6000 guests are welcomed – this time a little bit more..

The festival takes place around a hotel and bungalow resort on a peninsula in the Adriatic coast featuring the whole palette from 4* hotel accommodation to charming and affordable bungalows. On location are shops and restaurants where guests can meet their everyday needs at normal prices.

Musically, LHF ranges from techno, house, UK/Bass to hip-hop and ambiental music spanning over three permanent and more than a handful of pop-up stages with 120+ artists playing around the clock. Year after year the team behind LHF puts together a mind bending set up and for this year’s anniversary edition the crew is reaching new heights.

Through recreational activities ranging from yoga to roller skating workshops, childcare and tennis, the festival – true to its motto ‚electronic music on vacation‘ – combines vacation with celebration.

The stage designs and on-site installations are curated by lichterloh studios, a research-based artist studio in Vienna experimenting with digital technologies using space, light and transformation as their basic tools. Thanks to the collaboration with host Valamar, an awarded ecologic-thinking tourism company, the symbiosis between the resort’s infrastructure and LHF’s efforts ensures that the festival is heading towards a net-negative ecological footprint (targeted in 2028).

This year the festival introduces new ways to counter the increased cost of living:

Guests can buy a ticket without accommodation on-site to give way for cheaper sleeping options, including the camping ground next to the festival entrance. Also, guests can secure their ticket through an initial payment of only 20% and pay the rest at a later date.


  • AceMoMa
  • Avalon Emerson
  • Bashkka
  • Blasha & Allatt
  • Byron Yeates
  • Carl Gari
  • Carlos Valdes
  • Christian AB b2b Quest
  • CYRK
  • Dax J
  • Delasflores
  • DJ Fuckoff
  • DJ Heartstring
  • DJ Pete
  • DJ Spit
  • DJ Tennis
  • Dr. Banana
  • DVS1
  • Dzc.
  • Eliza
  • Entrance (jpeg, Konman, Rizmo, Eye F)
  • Eternal Journey
  • Fireground
  • FKA.M4A
  • Francesco Del Garda
  • Freddy K
  • Fumiya Tanaka
  • Gabrielle Kwarteng
  • Helena Hauff
  • HVOB
  • ISAbella
  • Jorkes & Paris Böhm
  • Julianna Huxtable
  • Kosh (live)
  • Lakuti b2b Tama Sumo
    Laurine & Cecillio
  • Live From Earth (feat. 41ISSA, Alcatraz, Bauernfeind, DJ Gigola & MCR-T)
  • Mad Miran
  • Mama Snake
  • Mayell
  • Michael Zietara
  • Michelle (live)
  • Muallem
  • Ogazon
  • Olgica
  • Orlando Voorn
  • Partiboi69
  • Rumi Von Baires
  • Ryan Elliott
  • Samuel Deep
  • Saoirse
  • Sedef Adasi
  • Ski Aggu
  • Sonja Moonear
  • Steffi & Virginia
  • Stenny
  • Stepniak
  • Swift Cirlce (Bibiza, Eli Preiss, Liebcozy, Supergerne & Prodbypengg)
  • Tadi
  • Thor Rixon
  • Titia
  • Truly Madly
  • Victor
  • VIE.W (Apua, DJ Void & Stipo)
  • Viko63 & Penglord
  • Vlada
  • Vuur
  • Wolfram
  • Zenker Brothers