The album ‚Hold Space‘ is the first long play work of Joa Luna. Joa is focusing on distance, space, connections and emotions conveyed through music. The piece has a strong leaning towards the fastening between sound and movement and how they intertwine and inform each other. Joa has been embarked on building a language throughout the process of creation inspired by the flow of nature both inside and outside of the city and soma. Sonically Joa dived deep into rhythm and explored the range and potential of her voice, basing a lot of the work on manipulated field recordings and improvising on synthesizers over the period of 2 years.

There are 13 tracks on the record and each one has become the foundation for a visual counterpart created by 5 artists, giving scope to how a record can function as a base for a much wider work of art. These video works will be premiered on YouTube to coincide with the release of the LP on October 21st.