Label: Aureum
Cat: AU001
Format: Digital / Streaming
Genre: Deep House / Nu Disco / Brazilian
Release Date: 12 May 2023

The title track of this release is the first work of the poet and singer Helóra Galhardo, the lyrics speak of the most precious asset that we all have and passes the message that we must live with all the intensity possible, but paradoxically in a light and free way.

In the sweet voice of the interpreter, the remix by producer Ludovic Llorca a.k.a. Art of Tones, has a jazzy disco house atmosphere characteristic of the best French tracks of the style, and could be on the case of any great master from the producer’s countryside…

By the way, the name Art of Tones is his most recent „alias,“ but (Ludovic) Llorca has been known since the end of the last century. With performances in jazz festivals all over the world such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Nice, Jazz a Vienne, Den Haag Jazz festival, Paleo Festival, Dour, Vibes (Australia), given the success of his album „Newcomer“ (2001) which was released by F-Communications, label of one of the biggest names in global electronic music: Laurent Garnier.

An artist of Art of Tones‘ magnitude placed as the first remixer on the Aureum label is an important milestone, a symbol of the commitment to quality that the label wants to print, exposing the DNA that fuses Brazilian music with global dance music, with generous doses of jazz/soul/funk, Afro/Latin percussive matrices, and all the influences that two DJs with more than 25 years of career can have.

The second track on the EP is a dub version of the original track, produced by Bruce Leroys himself, with a faster tempo than the original and the Art of Tones remix, the track could very well fit in the set of different artists, a solid and deep groove, bits of vocals unseen in the original track, percussive, spiritual, hypnotic, full of atmosphere, rhodes chords, with special attention to bass and subs.

A 100% „dance floor oriented“ track.

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