Artist: Matasism
Title: The Music Is Control Of Your Acid Mind
Label: BPitch
Cat. No.: BPX028
Format: 12“ / digital
Release Date: 02.06.23

Following on from his acclaimed 2022 BPitch debut – Can You Feel My Soul – Italian producer, DJ, and label owner Matasism returns with four deep cuts of underground rave heat. The Music Is Control Of Your Acid Mind lands June 2nd via BPitch.

Born in Rome but now based in the USA, Matasism began building a name with releases on his own eponymous imprint, launched in 2017. With a rave spirit grounded by the pursuit of authenticity, he soon caught the attention of Ellen Allien, who began playing his tracks out before signing him for a solo EP in 2022. With a mutual passion for the true underground, it’s no surprise that he finds a home on BPitch.

Sonically, Matasism’s music sits on the harder edge of the spectrum, merging elements of trance, industrial, techno, and EBM into new spheres.

EP opener ‘Chaos Theory’ shifts straight into first gear with a pummelling kick drum and hammer drill synth lead built for the heaviest of sound systems. With a simplified arrangement of a few strong ideas, the track is a perfect example of Matasism’s sonic ethos – unfiltered rave music distilled down to its essence. Following closely behind is the disorienting ‘SH101’, a whole body trip of sweltering bass and vocal distortions that expand and contract with an eerie autonomy.

Honing in on a sound that can be traced through much of his previous work, ‘White Pills’ jumps into higher speeds. Drawing upon sonic aspects of trance, Matasism subverts the familiar tropes of the genre into shadowy spaces, subverting his references in a way that many fans will recognise as a trademark of his. Rounding off the proceedings, the title track is a similarly unrelenting swirl of psychedelic, high energy techno with a few touches of psy trance for good measure.