Label: Engineer
Cat: EED010
Format: Digital + Streaming
Genre: House/Minimal/Psy

House that makes you move. House that makes you groove. House that makes you forget. Wyro’s metallic, elegant and minimal techno-tinged sound puts your mind straight into the context of entering an underground nightclub. Picture the scene: dim red lights, a blur of dancing bodies – it’s a sonically inebriating slice of electronic indulgence.

On the Ukrainian born artist’s new collaborative 11-track LP, Focus, released via Wyro’s own Engineer imprint, you’ll find yet more hardware jams to delight the senses. The lead track, Focus, stands out: thick, stodgy but sharp synths luring the listener in while the occasional emotive pad strikes like a laser beam overhead.

Some tracks smother house beats in warm synths while others take a more minimal turn, cutting through with skittish and unpredictable churning modular growls. Gizrene, made with fellow Ukranian Silak Beksi, is an example of this, along with Morpharra and the ultra-sexy Motives, made in collaboration with Komey.

Speaking of Komey, the irresistible groove the pair create on Fields is seriously noteworthy, building with a serious synth riff over a chaotic tornado of bleeps and bloops. Massive!

Each track has its own flavour, heading from the bright and airy to the deep and driving. Tunnel Vision, made with Doubtinghomas, is seriously dark. The final track with HC, No Sightseeing, however, feels like a sunrise. It concludes the album lovingly with a lighter 808 groove and floating melody.

Eleven moments of stunning, carefully considered electronic grooves made with one of minimal houses most exciting talents. Be sure to chuck this onto a dancefloor very soon.