Label Name: – Milligramme

Release Date: – Friday, September 29 2023

Track Listing:

  1. Sean Ocean – Makemake
  2. Sean Ocean – Quoar
  3. Sean Ocean – Makemake (Noah Pred BeBe Mix)
  4. Riflefeet – Ambassadors (Disconnect Remix)

Record Sounds Like: Deepchord, Kenneth Christiansen, Funk d’Void, Audio Werner, Deadbeat,

Milligramme presents „Decennium EP“ by Sean Ocean from the San Francisco Bay area. As a Live Act, DJ and Producer he has been a deep part of the Northern California Techno community for more than 25 years. Sean sparked our interest because his passion for art goes beyond electronic music. He is also a great piano player and has rock-solid knowledge about writing, visuals, movies and what have you.

The release comes about after ten years of editing an original concept until it came into fruition with this release. It includes a remix by Manifest Audio’s Noah Pred and a previously released remix of Riflefeet’s „Ambassadors“ by Sean as Disconnect.

Mastered by Jörn Elling-Wuttke of Alter Ego

Artist Quote – „“A selection of timeless dub tracks by a complete artist from San Francisco.“ Hilmar Reusch (Unspecial/Milligramme)“