Label Name: – [Gabu Music]

Release Date: – Thursday, October 19 2023

Track Listing:

  1. City Hopper
  2. Talk To Me

The title track, „City Hopper,“ and „Talk to Me“ were created after my first trip to South America in late 2022, where I visited and played in multiple cities over two months. The track name, „City Hopper,“ pays homage to the lifestyle of hopping from one city to another to showcase my music to a wider audience. „Talk to Me“ was intended to be an opening tool that I could play in my sets to set the mood. I wanted to make some classic house music, approaching it like I used to. I sat down at my MPC Live2 and did what I like doing the most: lining up some drums, getting the loop going, adding some chords and a funky baseline, and chopping up some vocals until it all came together as one cohesive construct that I later called the City Hopper EP.