Label: Nie Wieder Schlafen

Nie Wieder Schlafen returns with a long overdue comeback and brings back the notorious belgium live artist Varaz with a premium vinyl release in a heartfelt tribute to a dear friend, whose memory inspired the creation of this beautiful work of art.

Varaz gently leads the A side with 2 ambient affairs to build the base of the textured and mindful sounds that is incorporated in this white marbled wax.

The EP’s first two tracks, „Agora“ and „All I Hear,“ are sophisticated and textured ambient soundscapes that invite the listener into a contemplative and introspective state. Varaz’s deft touch blends ethereal tones with intricate soundscapes, creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

„Perfume,“ the third track, is a deep house groover with a sublime bassline rhythm that leads the melody. Gently whispered vocals call out the titular scent, adding an air of mystery and allure to the track.

The B-side of the EP is equally captivating. „Cloud9“ is a dreamy and eclectic story that excites with long-lasting pad hits, crisp percussion, and intricate details in the background. The final track, „5tuck in a Loop,“ is a fun and rolling dancefloor tune with a retro synthy vibe that will leave the listener grooving.

Nie Wieder Schlafen is proud to release this beautiful tribute on a physical medium. We hope it’s nuanced soundscapes and intricate melodies will transport the listener to a place of emotional resonance.

Don’t miss your chance to own this beautiful work of art, available on August 22th via Bandcamp or digitally on October 2nd via all the usual stores.