21mar18:0023:5911. DARK SPRING FESTIVAL

Event Details

21.03.2020 / Einlass 18 Uhr / Beginn 18.40 Uhr
VVK 30.- € zzgl. Gebühren
Elfte Ausgabe des renommierten Festivals für Post Punk, Gothrock, Waverock, Shoe Gaze etc.
Live: Funhouse, Golden Apes, Hapax, Two Witches, Brandenburg & Dear Deer
+ Aftershow Party

Das Festival für Post Punk, Coldwave, Gothrock, Waverock, Shoegaze

Line Up 2020:

Funhouse (SWE), Golden Apes (GER), Hapax (IT),
Two Witches (FIN), Brandenburg (RUS), Dear Deer (FR)

Aftershow by DJane MadLyn & Nina Door


FUNHOUSE is a Swedish rockband that was formed by four punk rockers with long hairin 1986. After releasing a self-financed single,“Tormentor“, andwithgigs all over Sweden, theband was soon signed to Accelerating Blue Fish, a local independent record label, who released the single „Sunset“. But plans to release an album on this label were never realized as they were approached by the M&A Music Art label, whose dark wave profilewas on par with the band’s own style. After the release of the “Friends“ EP and „Girls“ album, it took the band three years before they released new material but with the release of the magnificent epos of love, trust and betrayal album „Never Again“ in1996 Funhouse became one of the leading bands in the genre of dark rock in Europe. After endless trips across Europe in an orgy of cherry wine, gin, gigs, interviews etc. to promote the album and the music they call „goth n roll“,the band went into the studio to record anew album,butthe studio session turned into a nightmare. It was obvious that the price of the long “goth n roll” lifestyle had finally caught up with the band. A long break turned out to be the only cure to avoid a split. Minor changes in the line-up and another studio session led to the release in 1998 of a limited-edition EP, “Second Coming”. After this release, the band signed with German label, Appollyon, and in 2000, they released “Forever True”, which only contained remastered versions of some of the band’s previously released tracks. This led to rumours that Funhouse had split up but to the surprise of the fans “Oceans of Tears” was released in 2001 and this was the first step to enter the American goth underground scene but still no new songs since the CD turned out to be another best of CD aimed at the US market. The fanswould haveto wait another three years before new material wouldfinally be released. In 2002, fans could read about new line-up changes and promises of a new album on the Funhouse website. And in 2003, the band finally delivered. With the album “Flames of Love” Funhouse proved that they still mastered the sound of dark up-tempo love songs with powerful chorus even though the new sound wasmuch darker, with more guitars and keyboard than inprevious releases.In 2019, the band wrote on Facebook that they were planning a “Forever True 2020” tour, starting in Berlin on March 21, 2020….He would be Funhouse.

HAPAX is a darkwave/postpunk project born in naples in 2014, whose three albums have been produced in collaboration with the Swiss dark night label. After 4 years of performances all around Europe and America, the last release Monade came out, a concept album about the impossibility to communicate based on the idea, that there is a hopless gap between reality and words.
Monade tour started in september 2019 at the Ncn Festival with a redesigned band line-up including a drummer and a new live set.

TWO WITCHES – pure and shameless gothic rock since 1987 The pioneer of Finnish gothic rock, Two Witches is still alive and kicking. No breaks, no „comeback“ tours, but touring and recording the last 32 years. Often mentioned as one of the best live acts of gothic scene, Two Witches have been playing hundreds of concerts (27 countries, 4 continents), most of the important gothic festivals from Castle Party to WGT, Lumous Gothic Festival to Deepland, Whitby to Awake and so on… Autumn Tour 2019 took the place in Brazil, Chile, Finland, Peru and Sweden. Two Witches records are released by such cult labes as Cleopatra (USA), Nightbreed (UK), Scarecrow (Mexico), Shadowplay (Russia), Talitha (Germany) and Deepland (Brazil). Also over 100 songs are released in the compilation albums. The latest single „Deepland“ came out 4th of September 2019 and it was guested by Vlad Janicek (of The Nosferatu) on bass and Lisa Miles (of Jesucrisis) on violin. For Dark Spring Festival Two Witches is offering their „best of „-set.

DEAR DEER is a french band formed in 2015, consisting of Federico Iovino and Sabatel. This duo mixing Post-Punk and Noise also deals with some No-wave and Disco influences. After a self-released demo, quickly appears the first album “Oh my…” in 2016 (vinyl+CD Manic Depression/ Swiss Dark night). ”Claudine in Berlin” from this very album is available as a videoclip on Youtube in 2017. In the meantime, they performed all around Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland,Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Poland…) with such bands as The KVB, Kas Product,Perturbator, Savage Republic, Guerre Froide, Boy Harsher, Le Prince Harry…etc They also performed in festivals celebrating underground music such as “Return to the Batcave”, “Wave fest”, “Minicave Festival”, “Waveteef Festival”,”Entremuralhas”.. “Chew-chew”, their second album appears to be even more dancing, and was released in October 2018 on Manic Depression (vinyl) and on Swiss Dark nights (digipack cd).


21. March 2020 18:00 - 23:59(GMT+02:00)