Cenzontle - Live Band in Berlin

22oct19:3022:00Cenzontle - Live Band in Berlin

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Experimental Latin American Folk, Electronic Rock, profound lyrics – the unusual music of Mexican-born Jorge Hernandez sometimes invites you to dance, while in the next moment you sink into multi-layered melodies and sounds. Between electric guitar, accordion, violin and polyphonic voices, evocative electronic samples are mixed and create a powerful sound world.

For more than 10 years, the musician and composer released under the project GlowStone Leaf Orchestra. 13 albums later, it was time for a new beginning: Since 2019, he has been composing and performing as Cenzontle – „400 voices“, under which the double album „Constante“ (2021) and „erster Frühling.“ (2022) were released most recently. Jorge lives in Berlin and performs live with a three people band, equipped with a lot of musicality, creativity and sensitivity.

Beyond Limits

Seumestraße 2, 10245 Berlin


22. October 2022 19:30 - 22:00(GMT+02:00)