Climax @ Christa Kupfer

08feb(feb 8)23:0009(feb 9)08:00Climax @ Christa Kupfer

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As we throw a handful of confetti in the air, we do not know if the party begins or intensifies… white shadows, pink noise, silence… dance… The coil of Tesla is plugged into the ring of Moebius. YONI was born to give you therapy. Let’s go up together. In other words_ YONI (Interzone)_ From Taiwan _ Through Chicago _ Based in Berlin.



In search of intergalactic waterways she follows the trail of spinal fluid From the hip to the shoulders and onto the stars. Sometimes diving from galaxy to galaxy on the cosmic catbus and at others digging deep into the squidge and wobble until the swirling hip, like a black hole draws in the farthest star. She’s happy so long as it sounds wet, be it vapour or syrup.




The poetics of TABLOID Press are environmental; their ecology is social. Conceived in Berlin in 2014 by Zoe Darsee and Nat Marcus, the project was initially a poetic gossip column – the effect of its lyrics were intended not only for the reader in private, silent engagement, but for the whole interpersonal terrain in which the authors were dancing and about which they wrote.

In the following years, TABLOID has released over 10 publications, its activities widening to include hosting poetry workshops, designing books and clothing, and providing textual documentation for live performance. All the same, its focus has still been on the environment – textual, visual, sonic and social.

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8. February 2020 23:00 - 9. February 2020 08:00(GMT+02:00)

Christa Kupfer | BERLIN