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Akirahawks▗ Alessandro Adriani▗ Blush Response ▘Cali Rose▗ Dance Divine▗ Electrosexual▗ Esther Dune▗ Gloria Viagra ▘Kinomatik▗ Laura de Vasconcelos ▘ P.E.A.R.L.▗ Petra Flurr▗ Rakans ▘Reverso▗ Sarah Strandberg▗ Tumulto ▘Tunnel▗ Valentin Tszin

Berlin, as a transnational metropole, is a strange bioport for nomad creatures swinging through times and spaces of creation. People come, people go – and these flows are shaped by the power mechanisms acting in the backgrounds of that monster-notion called identity. Here, queer music producers and nonbinary porno-artists, gendernauts, punks, bears, pro dommes, cosmic travellers, intellectuals, assassins, enthusiasts and oblique creatures of all sorts grow by living, performing and sharing the freedom of becoming.

Come to Berlin, where the only way of getting through the long, dark winter is sweating in Jugendstil saunas and crowded dance floors. Come see how the TV antenna of Alexander Platz looks like a spike plunged into the thrombosis of the Berlin sky. Come if you want to hear nostalgic stories about parties that will never happen again in the poisonous ruins of an abandoned Soviet military hospital. Come if you want to have a picnic on a landing strip among traditional Turkish families and hipsters on LSD. Come if you understand that less is more.

Memory is not a dogma but a collective mechanism. By cancelling the past and experiencing the present through an already touchable future, let boundaries explode and become space of contradiction. Inhale deeply this generalized sense of electric fear. It tells you your identity will be put at stake starting from the queue. GEGEN invites you to dance your active masochism: love and death flashing every month like a low-frequency strobe in your contemporary life, encapsulating your simplest self.

Come explore damp cellars and deserted high-rise buildings where the pressure of the subwoofers threatens to make you deaf. Come if you want to stand in protests that will deter even Google from its plans to establish a headquarters in Kreuzberg – while contributing to the gentrification of Kreuzberg yourself. Come learn all the acronyms created by German lesbian separatists to become more inclusive. Come to Berlin, where stimulus is answer, cause is effect, and function is structure.

“Individualistic,” a “Creative-Type,” a “Start-Upper,” “Queer-Positive,” “Lumbersexual,” “Face-Tattooed,” “Fat” and “Femme/-inist,” “Digitally Na(t)ive” but quite “Vintage,” half “Eco-Warrior,” a “Lesbian Summer Cyclist,” a “Tobacco Smoker” without additives on an addictive amphetamine rush, “Organic Enthusiast” and “Seasonal Vegan” while on MDMA, just so long as you remember to wear your funeral black every day. This is your new You. Betray yourself.

Come to make friends with someone you’d never even have noticed somewhere else and let yourself be changed by the most unlikely of cultural clashes. Come to be gay as in happy, and be degen(d)erated until you understand what it means to be queer as in fuck you. Come devote a smile to the homeless people who pick up bottles at night. Come find your perfect outfit in a free box down the road.

GEGEN wants to be your delightful garden of genetic waste, your car crash of identity dialectics, the broken mirror in which not recognizing your own image is the only way to find yourself. Accelerate contradictions past the point of no return. Transcend your own Safe Space. Dance through the generations. Get lost. Wear nervous energy. Make love to everyone, everywhere. Speak dead languages you’ve heard on a trip. Change your mind to the brink of dissociation. Be wrong. Push yourself where you think you don’t belong. Become your enemy and make love to them. Fall and let fall.


6 (Friday) 22:00 - 7 (Saturday) 09:00(GMT+02:00)


KitKat-Club | BERLIN

Köpenickerstraße 76

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