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30oct17:0022:00Sound Bath @ Kösk

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Hugo Sanchez & Gabor (Pescheria Studio, Rome)

You can experience music in many ways. SOUND BATH is an immersion into sound before it becomes music. Imagine sound as an immersive frequency environment in which our bodies can dive in and find other dimensions. This is possible through the live generation and mixing of frequencies, using their huge power in changing the usual perception of time and space. Our mind can lose weight, and perceptions find other possibilities. Experiencing the sound in this way itʼs not just listening with the ears, itʼs feeling through the whole body. SOUND BATH is mixed with a scent bath. SOUND BATH is accessible 5 hours every day for 4 days. You decide how long. Get off your shoes and make yourself comfortable.

Hugo Sanchez was born in 1974 and started manipulating sounds through his parents turntables and grandpas radio at the age of 5. Mixing sounds is his language: djing, sound installations, dance rituals, research into music and queer aspects of the dancing communities. He is a funder member of the Pescheria Sound Studio in Rome and part of the sound performing projects Tropicantesimo and Front The Cadeaux.

Gabor got his first punk band at the age of 16, while attending theaters almost every night helping his father in his work as a scene photographer. Music as performance is his only way of life: he plays guitar, synthesizers, he is a dancefloor freak, acting in the post punk band Holiday Inn and Tropicantesimo. He is part of the Pescheria Sound studio collective.


30. October 2021 17:00 - 22:00(GMT+02:00)



Schrenkstraße 8, 80339 München

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