Symbolische Records present: Embera Bistu Ryx Cassette

25jan(jan 25)21:0026(jan 26)06:00Symbolische Records present: Embera Bistu Ryx Cassette

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** AA..LL ** LIVE

creates improvised sound collages with self built electronics, modular synth and tapes – multiple layers of oscillations and field recordings emerge to a pool of pure vibrations. It is an exploration of the movement of body and mind, affected by our rushing era.

** Bistu Ryx** LIVE

experimenting with SHAMANIC NOISE (Shamanic Electronics Noise) since 1997, he is engaged in anthropological research into the sound and deconstruction of artificial images. The independent label Symbolische Records is pleased to present its latest cassette EMBERA, an electronic psychedelisch homage to the indigenous tribes that survive in the Amazon rainforest.

** APAT aka Aporia::Atopia ** LIVE

a duo formed by Anna-Maria Van Reusel (modular synths, drum-machines, vocals, looper) and Dennis Slypen (Electric Guitar, Modular Synths) focussing on the production and improvisational live performance of electronic music, working in a broad spectrum of sounds – ranging from electroacoustic experiments to beat driven techno.

** Philet LIVE ** LIVE

Having released tracks on the latvian Label Blind Allies and Berlin based Label Obseqvivm, Philet combines drum patterns with heavy basslines and eerie drones and pads to push and expand the boundaries of contemporary music to the limit. Besides his live modularsynth show on the dancefloor you can find him on instagram filming and soundtracking yet unknown places in Berlin.

** Pixelflowers ** VJ

Sex, Drugs and Luma Key
may describe the 4-hands live visuals team Pixelflowers.

Technically spoken its cinematography, TVCC, video synthesis, code, and feedback loop- techniques they produce with their modern software and analog hardware in order to fuse with the music. Those video signals may increase levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, adrenaline and serotonin in each participants brain.

** Piska Power ** DJ

latest releases on Kris Baha’s Power Station and Rivet’s Kess Kill conquered dancfloors with its wave and EBM influenced approach of music production. Tonight he will curate the evening and perform as a DJ and vocalist before and after the LIVE performances of his colleagues


25. January 2020 21:00 - 26. January 2020 06:00(GMT+02:00)


Loophole | BERLIN

Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlin

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