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✶✶✶✶✶✶✶ ART EXHIBITION EVENT ✶✶✶✶✶✶✶
Saturday, 03.10.2020
KitKatClub (Basement)
Entrance: through Brückenstr. 1 (internal yard)
10179, Berlin

A club is a club is intimacy is utopia is solidarity is a safe space is escape from everyday life is a vision is awareness is a home is hedonism is a microcosm is ecstasy is an opportunity. On October 3, 2020, TAG DER CLUBKULTUR will send a clear sign of life in club culture with a variety of showcases throughout Berlin. We are still there! This celebration will not be a dance event but a multi-purpose container exhibition, involving LGBTQIA+ artists from the Berlin scene, in order to sustain our local scene and will aim to raise awareness to the recently turnover of the queer life in Poland. For this reason, part of the entrance fee will be donated to the Lambda Szczecin Collective in Poland, https://lambda.szczecin.pl/ , which works and supports the victims of discrimination and promotes gender identity awareness and fights homophobia within their country.

✶ Art Exhibition ✶
Miron Zownir
Kiril Bikov
Michelle Gutiérrez Fernández
Andrea Galad
Gili Shani
Rory Midhani
Stefan Fähler

✶ Short Film Projections ✶
“No Democracy Here”
By Liad Hussein Kantorowicz
“To Be Heard”
By Julian Curico

✶ Art Performances ✶
Madame X
Graf Lucius
Miss Aneris
Master Timotheus
Nikolaj Tange Lange

✶ Soundscapes music ✶
Laura de Vasconcelos (14:00-16:00)
Aerea Negrot (16:00-18:00)
Mike Starr (18:00-20:00)
Rangelova (20:00-22:00)

Oake & Rangelova (22:00-00:00)

✶ 14:00-16:00 // 1st Entrance Slot // ✶
✶ 16:00-18:00 // 2nd Entrance Slot // ✶
✶ 18:00-20:00 // 3rd Entrance Slot // ✶
✶ 20:00-22:00 // 4th Entrance Slot // ✶
✶ 22:00-00:00 // 5th Entrance Slot // ✶

✶✶✶ // INFO & TICKETS // ✶✶✶

✶ This is not a dance event.
✶ This is a limited capacity art exhibition.
✶ There will be 5 shows throughout the day, each of them lasting two hours.
✶ Guests are asked to arrive 10 minutes earlier and are invited to leave the building at the end of the two hours.
✶ Guests will be asked to follow the signposted tour route and the instructions of the staff.
✶ It is forbidden to take photos or videos inside the exhibition space.
✶ For any problem during the event please contact the staff or the “Awareness Corona Team”.
✶ Tickets can only be purchased online and there will be no box office.
✶ Due to the small capacity of the venue there will be no wardrobe, therefore no dress code is required.
✶ Unfortunately, the venue has architectural barriers therefore not suitable for wheelchairs. We apologize for the inconvenience.

✶ The attendants are required to wear and bring their own masks or have their mouth and nose covered all the time.
✶ The face protection should be allowed to be taken off only while sited.
✶ Extra masks can be purchased at the entrance as well.
✶ Guests with fever symptoms are invited to stay at home, the temperature will be measured at the entrance.
✶ Social distance regulations will be applied during the queue, at the entrance, bar, and toilets. Guests will be invited to observe 1,5m social distancing from the other guests in those situations.
✶ Hand disinfectants will be provided at the entrance, bar, and at the toilettes. We strongly invite you to sanitize hands regularly.
✶ Registration with name, surname, contact email and phone number will be stored for 30 days in case we need to reach out and inform you about possible COVID-19 risk.
✶ The participants will follow all the sanitary rules stated above and the printed indications inside the compound in order to protect themselves and the other guests.
✶ The “Awareness Corona Team” will be present to enforce all legal obligations in compliance with the Covid-19 prophylaxis and common sense.
✶ Anyone who voluntarily acts contrary to these rules will be invited to leave the structure.
✶ The space will be regularly ventilated in between the shows.
✶ In order to avoid people crossing each other’s way, the exit will be different from the entrance and a guide path will be indicated on the floor.


3. October 2020 14:00 - 23:59(GMT+02:00)


KitKat-Club | BERLIN

Köpenickerstraße 76

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KitKat-Club | BERLIN