Tausend ELECTRONICA mit Sven Weisemann

29feb01marTausend ELECTRONICA mit Sven Weisemann

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Despite his tender age, Weisemann has been weaving musical magic since 1996. His eclectic influences span Classic, Soundtracks, Soul, Jazz, Deep House, and Dub, culminating in his cherished Detroit Techno and US House sounds.
As a producer, he delves deep into the legacies of Chicago and Detroit, infusing his creations with a timeless freshness. Tracks like ‚Vibe‘ and ‚Slices‘ blend atmospheric vibes with infectious beats, effortlessly captivating dance floors with their allure.
A self-taught virtuoso, Weisemann’s repertoire extends to piano, acoustic guitar, and percussion. His prowess extends beyond house music, as he also crafts jazz and soundtracks, infusing his house compositions with rich traditions.
You can find his works gracing esteemed labels like Meanwhile, House Café Music, Apple Pips, and Mojuba, where his collaborations with friends Nick Solé and Oracy have carved out a distinct and coveted label sound.
Under various pseudonyms, Weisemann’s sonic explorations continue to captivate audiences worldwide, marking him as a luminary in the electronic music scene.


February 29 (Thursday) 22:00 - March 1 (Friday) 03:00(GMT+01:00)


Tausend | BERLIN

Schiffbauerdamm 11; 10117 Berlin

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