Mira Festival 2018

Event: MIRA Festival Berlin 2018
Date: 5th May
Time: 4pm – 6am
Venue: Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastraße 18, 12459
and MONOM – Berlin Center For Spatial Sound

MIRA Digital Arts Festival returns to Funkhaus Berlin with an expertly curated line-up on 5th May 2018. Over one day and night experience they invite a host of exciting artists spanning audiovisual performances, concerts, conferences, DJ sets and 4DSOUND explorations at one of Berlin’s most breath-taking institutions.

MIRA Festival Berlin aims to provide an important platform via which attendees are exposed to the leading multimedia and art from around the globe. With a focus on live performance, interactive media & digital art, state-ofthe-art sound and technology, MIRA Festival Berlin established itself as one of the city’s leading electronic music and
digital culture festivals in 2016.

Since launching in Barcelona in 2011, MIRA Festival has set out to encourage collaboration, enable the emergence of new projects and support relationships between collectives, associations and individuals in the digital arts field.

MIRA is a digital arts festival based on three connected areas: exhibition, divulgation and education. With an emphasis on digital culture and new trends in technology, they decided to give this year’s programme a social focus.The educational aspect will be focused on conferences that aim to connect 3 important areas: Art, Technology
and Social Debate.

The theme for this year’s conference programme is ‘Emotions, Diversity and Social Change’ Emotions are what make us feel and think, so in this sense emotions define us as humans. What we feel and think is what makes us diverse. To understand our diversity we must be empathetic to the differences of others, but accepting our differences is one of humankind’s greatest obstacles. The increased use of technology has allowed us to spread our thoughts, feelings and emotions in a passive-active way, in which identity can be transformed and constructed. As a society we are now more connected to our differences, and we have the tools that let us share, observe and understand or react to this diversity.

Artistic practice often has an engagement that inspires or transmits this search for a more tolerant and unprejudiced view of diversity, also looking to create a change in society’s point of view, and helping to create new ways of thinking or accepting this ongoing social transformation. MONOM, recently opened at Funkhaus – is dedicated to the exploration of spatial sound as a powerful tool to attune our overstimulated senses by creating hyper-listening experiences utilizing the most advanced spatial sound instrument in the world.

Throughout the festival, MONOM will showcase their emerging spatial sound practices via live shows from Eomac and WaqWaq Kingdom, sound installations by Thomas Ankersmit and Croatian Amor and a retrospective of m4DSOUND’s extensive catalogue, including pieces by Casimir Geelhoed, Ioann, John Connell, Koenraad Ecker, Maxime Gordon, Peter Van Hoesen, Paul Oomen & Edgard Varese.

Carefully selected by 4DSOUND founder Paul Oomen from 4DSOUND’s own extensive catalogue now counting close to a hundred spatial sound productions to date – the retrospective exhibits fifteen sound sculptures created by
alexa@tailored-communication.com | +49 (0) 30 817 97473

artistic collaborators from the fields of music, technology, architecture and media arts – ranging from some of the m earliest experiments to most recent works. Following the two and a half hour retrospective will be outstanding spatial compositions by Thomas Ankersmit and Croatian Amor, developed for and premiered live at the grand opening of MONOM and will be presented as
sonorous installations at MIRA Festival Berlin. m Finally, production duo and science ninja team WaqWaq Kingdom and Irish DJ, artist and music producer Eomac will
present their own live shows, created exclusively for the 4DSOUND system, and commissioned by MIRA Festival Berlin.

Diversity and gender in music, digital art and technology with Leil Zahra, Mic Oala and Lyra Pramuk
Instinctive sound: the exploration of instincts through music with Shigeru Ishihara
Internet’s social debates with Entter