2 nights of finest vinyl * art * photo

5. Oktober um 20:30 bis 7. Oktober

Stralauer Allee 3, 10245 Berlin

PIMP MY VINYL – Exhibition

„From the street to fine art, vinyl in all its glory“
PIMP MY VINYL was born to showcase customised vinyls by artists from diverse artistic backgrounds. This „détournement“ is a tribute to a symbolic object, a pillar of our culture and yet one threatened by technological progress; it deflects the object from its original function to give it a second artistic life.

Since its creation in 2009 by Soul.k, PIMP MY VINYL has had exhibitions in France, Australia and Thailand. These gatherings help promote a multitude of known or rising artists all around the world, from various fields such as graffiti, sculpture and painting.

The openings are also an opportunity for the public to discover underground musical flavours, For your ears‘ delight, the vinyl DJ’s sharp selections will make you appreciate or re-discover this incomparable musical medium!

Many thanks to the NHOW Berlin for providing a warm welcome for PIMP MY VINYL.

>> FRIDAY Oct 5th 2012 21.00

Opening: ORNIS / dark electro chic
SOUL.K / Paris – DJ deep house set
EMILY J / UK live Flute

Photoprojection : Berliniqiue blog „Parisian Streetviews“

>> SATURDAY Oct 6th 2012 21.00

French DJ Chuck Prudence consistently delights club audiences with a sound far beyond the mainstream, using his vinyls, Monotribe and enthusiasm for wicked beats. Highlights include playing on Parisian dancefloors with the Art You Out crew in Batofar, OPA or Scène Bastille, and rocking Berlin venues such as Tresor, Golden Gate, VCF, Morlox or the Lodge. This experience together with an excellent taste in electronic music and a reputation for long, genre-crossing sets make for a night to remember.

He is accompanied by UK artist Emily J, who adds melodies, basslines, effects and electronic treats to the mix using her flute, EWI4000S, softsynths, Kaoss pad and delight in revelry. She fell in love with music through a classical education in flute playing, but found her true passion when she discovered electronic music. Collaborating with international DJs and producers of the highest calibre, she specialises in techno, drum&bass, glitter and surprises, and is always open to new ideas.

CHUCK PRUDENCE / Art You Out Paris-Berlin
EMILY J / UK live flute
Daniel San / berlinique

Photoprojection : Berliniqiue blog „Wrong Places“
views of Paris/ Hong Kong / Berlin