Johannes Volk
Our first encounter with Johannes was with his releases on his own imprint Explorations that totally blew our minds. And the first time we got the chance to see him dj he played one of the best opening-sets we have ever heard in Berghain. His records go directly from release into our vinyl collection. This year he has already produced two amazing releases on his own label and one bomb on Dolly (Steffi’s label). Johannes has a heart of techno and we love him for that.

So many great artists are blooming in the Ukraine and Myztical is one of them. Heard his track “Summer 91” on Other Heights? Or his own 12 inch on Nicz Records? His production shows that he is not afraid of not sounding like anything else. Always groovy, always banging and stuff you want to dance to. So we asked if he wanted to come to Berlin and play for us so we could do exactly that.

Their name “Fulast” means “The ugliest” in Swedish. But they are not ugly and their music and way of dj-ing is the contrary to their name. Smooth and handsome. They usually play more house but after we heard the b-side of their latest release on Fonografiska, a techno bomb, we asked if they would be up for doing a techno set. They are as excited as we are for that.

Namke Folo
Resident DJ at Botox. All about UK rhythms, strong melodies and hard techno kicks.


Q-Pid / Sn’M’z
Unusual combo you might think, techno and R&B. But not really. Simply two great genres put together under one roof and two dance floors. A bit of a dream come true for us. On our R&B floor you will be able to dance to old, new & sexy R&B mixed with a bit of Slow Jamz. Sn’M’z have promised to wear silver thong swimsuits, hope they keep that promise…

Wiesenweg 5, 10365 Berlin