Da ich das Golden Gate sehr mag, gibt es hier auch mal nen längeren Programm Überblick. Wer es dreckig, und düster mag und auf Techno steht, dazu auf klein, voll und immer offen, der ist im Golden Gate zwischen Alex und Jannowitzbrücke recht gut aufgehoben. Wundervolle Sets bis in die späten Mittagsstunden, trashige Untergrundatmo, grenzverballertes Parallelweltpublikum und dreckige Klos. Letztes jahr wurde 10jähriges gefeiert und man darf hoffen, dass es auch ein 20jähriges geben wird.

In der taz gab es mal dieses wunderbare Interview mit Hubi und Reimund. Mein Lieblingszitat:

Wer sind eure Gäste?

Spitzer: Die sind ziemlich unterschiedlich, aber man könnte sagen: Es sind Spinner – aber die Sorte Spinner, die wach und offen sind, hellsichtig geradezu, die mehr mitkriegen von der Welt, die mehr sehen als andere Leute. Also die liebenswerte, fast schon schlaue Art von Spinnern.

Ich wünsche viel Spaß!

Golden Gate
Adresse: Schicklerstrasse 4, 10179 Berlin

MARC POPPCKE @ Golden Gate Club: Donnerstag 15.August 2013

Marc is about to break through as a solo artist and DJ in his own right. His blend of soulful, groove-laden deepness has won him an army of admirers. His solo releases and remixes for labels including ‘Last Night On Earth’, ‘Sudbeat’, ‘Freerange’, ‘Defected’, ‘Soma’, ‘Darkroom Dubs’ or ‘Parquet Recordings’ have found support from the scene’s biggest names. This year, Marc will continue to spread the good word and whet the clubbers appetite by sprinkling his magic dust over remixes and productions. Playing in clubs like ‘Watergate’, ‘Sisyphos’ or ‘Ritter Butzke’ made him become an integral part of the Berlin club scene. By now he has had a lot of international gigs all over Europe showing his vision of electronic club music. Even more, his latest turn has been to set up his own label ‘Crossfrontier Audio’ in September 2011.

MARC MIROIR @ Golden Gate Club: Freitag, 16. August 2013

Like a mirror, Marco Spiegel aka Marc Miroir, has been reflecting the current vibrations of the electronic music scene in his artistic output for 15 years. He doesn´t restrict himself to a mere reflection, but also adds on loads of own, innovative elements, which he reflects to the world of music. As a DJ, Marc is playing like in previous years, at the big summer raves and all the clubs alike. He has now arrived to his new hometown Berlin and is playing in the hot underground clubs like MIKZ, Suicide Circus , About Blank or Golden Gate as well as the wellknown clubs like Cookies, Weekend or Tape.

In 2010 he is releasing very notable singles like the „Frogs“ EP on Bondage Music, which was played e.g. by Richie Hawtin, Luciano and lots more, as well as „Polyplot“, „Sinus“ and some remarkable remixes for Pascal FEOS, Ramon Tapia or Sebastian Lutz.
In 2011 „ Red Line“ on the Frankfurt based label LevelNonZero, „Black Amber“ on Bondage and „Disco Nap“ on PASOmusic are hitting the record stores, which are again already played by everybody. Marc may be a proven DJ’s DJ.
In 2012 the focus is on his debut album „Hitting Home“.

BEN ANDERS @ Golden Gate Club: Sonntag 18. August 2013

Electronic music producers are very special individuals, not only do some have the skills, tools and ideas necessary to imagine, write and produce their music, some totally represent it, they share it, they travel it and the most dedicated simply live it. Ben Anders is one of these artists, if not the embodiment of this way of life. Ultimately dedicated to his work, his passion is clear whether he is speaking through words or through his deeply musical, yet strikingly state-of-the-art House music. During his youth, Ben Anders spent his time listening to Metal music and played guitars in various bands. He discovered electronic sounds through Electronica and early House music. After some time he was seduced by the german house and minimal scene. Ben Anders music could be described as a mix between low minimal wounded grooves and deep funky and groovy tech/house sequences. Ben has been deejaying since 10 years. Two years ago he also started producing his own stuff. After some Releases on OFF and Percusa he gets support from Artists like Karotte, Sven Väth, Reboot, Ilario Alicante, Brothers Vibe, DJ WILD, Anthony Collins, Ray Okpara, Livio & Roby, Alex Picone, Patrick Zigon, Gel Abril, Andre Crom, Einzelkind, Julietta, Varoslav, Luciano and many more.