It’s been quite a year for Lapalux. Having released his debut album, Nostalchic on BRAINFEEDER he embarked on a world tour. He performed at more than 60 venues in places as far and wide as Europe, Japan, Australia, Russia, Canada and the USA.

In a world in which upstart DiY talent is flooding the gates of electronic music, a few recent voices have been so strong as to be startling. Lapalux – AKA 25-year-old Stuart Howard – is certainly one such. Nostalchic is his debut album, mission statement, and the climax of many years of studying his craft. His most focused document to date, the album evokes nostalgia without ever sounding nostalgic, adding his beloved R&B and soul into elements of house and hip hop, all with the trademark Lapalux finish; infectious, lopsided swing and achingly deep texture. Nostalchic not only has all the hallmarks of a great album – a sense of cohesive purpose, its own themes, arcs and internal logic – it’s an album that could only have been made in electronic music. Lapalux understands the power and capabilities that are offered by his form, and he’s used them to the full.