Guns in the summertime, drink a cherry cola lime.
We make our own springbreak downstairs. Come sip sugary cocktails with us and swim in the sea of confetti, sweat to blasting hiphop tunes and play with beach balls, giant donuts and bananas.

Food Court:
Water Ice, sandwiches, slushies & bodyshots

Music: Hiphop, Trap, Trash, Pop, Hits, 00er, …

DJs & Hosts
Laura Cherrygrove, Dustin Hanke, Jan Werner, Bastian Schobert, Marc Wehr, Matthias Pieters

Dresscode ideas:
Bikinis, shorts, swimwear, LA beach, hawaiian hula, palm trees, bad cops, Lana Del Rey, dangerous

1820Bar, Rosa Luxemburg Str. 41, Berlin Mitte Doors: 11pm, 7€

SXX SELLS #11 Trailer from SXX SELLS on Vimeo.