about blank
Artwork by Ashley Hayward


It was just about two years ago that we heard a C.love mix for the first time and immediately fell in love with her unique style of music collage. One of her mixes is not your average listening experience, but a journey through many styles of music all twisted together to make new compositions. Take for example, Amour et Venin, which we posted here on the Adventures Of Soul Clap early last year. 25 tracks, in 2 parts, over only 40 or so minutes. It’s not just music to your ears it’s actually a meditative listening experience.

Over the last two years we’ve gotten to know the special talent that is C.love on a more intimate level. Playing and signing her edits to our Gator Boots label, hearing her original music develop, and most importantly hanging out as homies. We can’t get enough of her good vibes and musical ideas, so we’re back already with another super special DJ collage to celebrate her upcoming tour in Europe. So close your eyes and get ready for a journey.

C.love on tour in Europe!
Sept. 5 – Sie und Sie, Club Kiste Baden, Switzerland
Sept. 10 – Anita Berber, Berlin
Sept. 19-21 – Magik Forest Festival, Secret Location near Reading, England
Sept. 27-28 – Grizzly Nation, Berlin
Oct. 3 – About:Blank, Berlin

Folkways Science Series – Sounds of the American Southwest
Nina Simone – Plain Gold Ring
C.love – Interlude 2 – The Asp
Erykah Badu – Want You (Rancido’s Deepersoul Edit)
Cocaine Blues (Reverend Gary Davis Cover) – Nick Drake
Oceanvs Orientalis – It’s All About Six Days War
Beat Electrics – 6bpm99
Andy Benz – Ms Dub
Umm Kulthum – Alf Layla We Layla
C&V – All Grow’d Up
The Budapest Hungarian Orchestra – There’s but One Girl
Ani Difranco – Nicotine
Albert Brothers Sing Songs from the American Frontier – Wayfaring Stranger
18+ Sis – Shy [ft. Butchy Fuego]
Call to Prayer & dog friend – Istanbul
Thunder and Rain – Berlin
Timbre Timbre – Bad Ritual
tomemitsu – easy 3.19.13
Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Grabo’sky Edit
Ofrah Haza – Tzur Menati
Marika Papagika – Smyrneiko Minore
Mark Lanegan – Death Don’t Have No Mercy
Anja Schneider – Beyond the Valley
Field Recording – North Africa circa 1901
C.love vs Bill Withers – Rail Road Main
De La Montagne – You Sexy Thing
Dolly Parton – Closing thoughts