Workshops & party celebrating the 13th Out-ER release: the Desk Jockey EP by The Analogue Cops
Entry 10 euros workshop + party, subscriptions at or 5 euros party only


Workshops from 8.30PM – 11.30PM

20:30-21:30 Introduction by Simone Gatto and Lucretio: “Music, communication and empathy” &
“Sociosemiotic analysis of Techno music”

21.30-23.30 The Analogue Cops & Mork: “Constructing & reconstructing live fragments”

Party from Midnight till 6AM

Regen (Illian Tape/Out-Er)
Simone Gatto (Out-Er)
Buck (Out-Er)
Orlando Voorn (Third Ear/Out-Er)

Italian by ways of Berlin label Out-Er is back in town and taking over Ohm to celebrate their 13th
release, the Desk Jockey EP by The Analogue Cops and in a move-away for the standardized format
of the club night, the label decided to bring something special to the table in the form of 2 workshops
which will be held during the early evening just before the party. First on, label head Simone Gatto
will discuss the topic of “Music, communication and empathy” while Lucretio from The Analogue
Cops will provide the audience with a sociosemiotic analysis of techno music and further developing
on how the meaning potential of techno music is inextricably bounded to its social context.
The Analogue Cops and Mork will then take the stage to write and arrange a fragment of live session
from scratch, using just hardware and without any prerecorded samples. They will introduce the
audience to the basic tools and ways of performing a live set and will sample from vinyl on the fly,
recording the grooves which will help them build up their sequences.
After the workshops it’s time for the party with sets from the Out-Er allstars Aka Regen, Simone
Gatto, Buck and Orlando Voorn.