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They’re back! Although they’ve never really been away. Barry Ashworth’s evergreen bunch of dubwise vagabonds have been rocking practically every festival in existence all summer, and yet have still found time to squeeze out a new album — their sixth. And it’s another corker.

‚The Return Of The Pistoleros‘ makes them sound like a Latin prison gang, extras in a spaghetti western, a marauding mob of Tequila-swigging mobsters, or a Mexican drug cartel. Some of which have a grain of truth to them. Joking aside, though, it’s been a long road to get to where they are — one of the most popular and best-loved acts on the circuit — but it’s testimony to their perseverance and staying power that their popularity still keeps increasing.

The Dub Pistols coalesced in the mid-’90s and initially surfed the big beat wave along with acts like the Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim. They had some minor chart hits like ‚Cyclone‘ and ‚There’s Gonna Be A Riot‘ on Concrete Records, remixed the likes of Moby and Limp Bizkit.

Like their incendiary live shows, this new long-player is a riotous mix of dub, drum & bass, hip-hop, punk and ska. The gun-slinging outlaws are back in town — and this time, they’re swigging Tequila.


POSITIVE VIBES CREW have steadily been making waves on the underground bass culture scene since 2011 and have reached a wider audience. The three man crew is made up of Shumba Youth (vocalist/MC/DJ), Shaun Michael (MC/DJ) and newest member Dennis Kuhn (producer & multi instrumentalist). Which together bring an uplifting musical experience that will surely get you bubbling on the dance floor and leave you in a positive vibration, with not just Reggae but a multi genre infused sound, from rock to rnb to hip hop, to indie and dancehall flavas.
These are all sounds you can hear off the crews debut EP release „Around the world“, which received great reviews and feedback from allover the world.

Currently working on some exciting collaborations with the likes of Dub Pistols and the Germaica label. As well as being hard at work on their next EP, titled „Elevate“. This is coming out in March which is a mixture of dancehall, reggae with hip hop and rock influences.

So hold tight and keep it positive!