Pappelallee 65, 10437 Berlin

Sexy tomfoolery behind, on and in front of the decks with Berlin’s most attractive DJ’s. Soju-soaked rough pressure DJ’ing. The line up will feature two of the most seasoned DJ legends who acquired their „Raver-Abitur“ in the early Nineties (if not the Eighties). Host and star of the night, Naughty, and Groover Klein, the master of debil dance music. Those guys eschew an aura of early nineties South of Germany dance craze madness. Mix in, Finn Johannsen, who kept his shit in the Nineties tight/together in the North of Germany, a veteran with a trench the size of the Danceteria. To put the icing on the cake, we have bought 1 kilo of hippy crack to keep CTF’s Icasol and RBMA’s Schalli happy and going. Clearheaded and clean shaven kk is overseeing procedure, shit and casualties, keeping the mike in trust and escrow.