OHM Berlin
Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin

WORKSHOP – 21:00
Ed Davenport – Experimental Live Set
SIMONE GATTO – Your own musical life background; Various meanings and interpretation of music; Music as a possibility of building relationships
Rufus – the digging process: different phases

PARTY – 23:59
Andrea Santoro
Color Of Observation

Price: 15Eur Workshop + Sandwitch + Party; 7Eur Party only

In honor of Out-ER’s 14th release, featuring Regen, Limo, Fabrizio Lapiana and newcomer Civilian, Out Electronic Recordings is back at OHM offering its third release event.
The workshop features label co-owner Simone Gatto, local Berlin-based activist Ed Davenport, who’ll perform a rare experimental live set, and one of Bosconi Records’ main artists Rufus.
Beginning from the artist’s personal musical background and history, they each explore the theme of the appropriated musical landscape for their own tailored paths.
People prefer differing sounds for specific moments of their own daily lives. Each sound can be absorbed, lived, interpreted by each person differently. Each sound or musical piece delivers an ample range of sensations, depending on individual personal experiences, feelings, tastes and musical background.
Through DJ sets or live performances, the artists’ aim is often to channel into you specific emotions through music, in order to verify if this empathy can actually be generated and transferred, as our last workshops seemed to prove. Music is just one of the ways to communicate and build relationships. Everyone is a DJ, but not everyone is an empathetic performer.
The party will be hosted by the second label co-owner Andrea Santoro with an opening set, and by the serbian artist Regen who’ll play a closing set. Peak time will be handled by Color Of Observation, a new moniker from a Berlin-based duo, meant to release in the nearby future exclusively on Out-ER.