About Blank Berlin
Start: Sat, 23:00
End: Sun, 13:00

Body Performances by:

Music by:
ALEC EMPIRE – punk/post-punk/drone dj set (digital hardcore)
EKMAN – live (berceuse heroique, terminal operations)
FALLBEIL – live (terminal operations, mannequin)
KUNO & SPACEINVASION (terminal operations)
SPOOKY ALIEN (discos atónicos)
IRAKLI (i/y)
A/ONA (drone/gegen)
FRANK & DAVID (monolith records)

Sei es die physische Wirkung, die unsere Musik hat, seien es die Drogen oder der Sex – der menschliche Körper ist der zentrale Dreh- und Angelpunkt dieser Sache, die wir Techno nennen. Die Veranstaltungsreihe BODIES bearbeitet dieses Thema – nicht theoretisch, sondern praktisch. Verschiedene Body Performances, wie z.B. „die Puppe“ des polnischen Duos Luka Off, finden in unterschiedlichen Situationen über die ganze Nacht verteilt statt. Musikalisch gibt es dreckigen, basslastigen Acid, Techno und Electro von Ekman und Fallbeil, ein seltenes Punk/Post Punk-DJ Set von Alec Empire. Drone und vieles mehr gibt es von einigen anderen illustren Gestalten des Berliner Nachtlebens. Man erscheine früh!

May it be the physical impact our music has, the dancing, the drugs or the sex – after all the body is the pivot of this thing we call techno. BODIES is a series of events which work on this subject, not only theoretically, but practically.

Body performances will take place all over the night in different settings in the club to give you new perspectives on the big issue which is the human body.

„Die Puppe“ is a performance by SUKA OFF, an artistic duo from Poland. Since its formation in 1995, Sylwia and Piotr have been working in theatre, performance art, club performance, installations, photography and video art. Their works touch various topics which evolve around the human body. The performance „Die Puppe“ is inspired by the surrealistic artist Hans Bellmer, who caused some sensation in the 1930s with his deformed sculptures made from mannequins. His works are sometimes cited as anarchistic-erotic installations. In the performance „Die Puppe“ from SUKA OFF body transformations are shown, which deform the body or connect it with machines, gender identifications don’t work anymore. SUKA OFF create a critical glance at body and gender norms and question cultural contructs like beauty. Through their multimedia performance mainstream viewing habits are put in doubt and alternative images are created, that allow a new glance on beauty, sexuality, and the body.

STEFANO TAIUTI is one of the most impressive performers we know. He has been performing twice for bodies already, and every time it was spectacular. The performance for this particular night is still under development, we are excited to see what he comes up with. LAN HUNGHis a founding member of the Association of Performance Arts in Berlin and has been performing for Gegen and other Berlin events since he has been living in Berlin. His performance for our night is still under development as well. More info to come!

Musically there is a carefully selected line-up which crosses over from Acid and Electro to Techno on the mail floor. Live-Sets come from EKMAN and FALLBEIL, who will release a spilt EP together on KUNO & SPACEINVASION’s label terminal operations in March. Funk from hell, with loads of distorted drums, heavy basslines and vocals, which nobody understands – that’s their specialty. On the second floor there will be a very special appearance by no less than ALEC EMPIRE. His band Atari Teenage Riot fused anarchist, anti-fascist vocals with techno back in the 90s and created a style which they called digital hardcore. We are excited to have him play a special dj set, dedicated to that sound any anything familiar with it. Around these artists there will be a a lot of drone, wave, techno, funk and other stuff by a whole bunch of excellent heads of the scene.